Naturally dependant on the age of the home and sometimes, the age of the fixtures inside the house, a homeowner typically calls on a residential plumbing services kuala lumpur every three years, on average for more significant issues. More common, a yearly call is expected. DIY is often lauded for projects to save money, but plumbing, unless the homeowner is experienced in it, is not something that should be done without a certified technician.

With the numerous problems that can go wrong in a home, there are a few, both big and small, that are most common.

  1. Dripping Faucets: Whether it’s a slow drip or a drip that’s quickly accumulating, this is a problem that can be easy to ignore, at least until it causes other problems. A perpetual drip can cause rust issues, as well as build up on the fixture, all in addition to affecting the water bill each month. Dripping faucets are an easier fix, and one of the top services plumbers provide.
  2. Garbage Disposal: This is a kitchen gadget that is a wonderful timesaver. Installation can be fairly easy, as can repair in most cases, but requires patience and time that many homeowners don’t have. Whether it’s replacing a broken garbage disposal or trying to repair one, plumbers are often enlisted.
  3. Leaky Pipes: Most common during colder weather, leaky pipes can actually happen year round. Think of a dripping faucet, except on a bigger scale. Leaking pipes can cause issues with structural damage, so looking out for the wet spots on the ceiling, walls, or ground near pipe joints that leaks can cause can be a good reason to call a plumber, and as soon as possible. If caught in time, plumbers help prevent thousands in damage that leaky pipes cause.
  4. Running Toilets: An overactive toilet is an enormous water waster. Some have recorded to waste nearly 200 gallons each day, which is a ton of extra money. Homeowners with higher water bills often notice the water waste produced by a running toilet, and will call on plumbers to get the issue under control.
  5. Low Water Pressure: More common in an older home, water pressure can be finicky. Too high of pressure could indicate a block in a pipe, while too low of pressure could be a sign of a leak. Neither is fun to deal with, and plumbers help with pressure regulation pretty frequently in older homes, especially at the turn of the seasons.
  6. Slow and Clogged Drains: While many homeowners will opt for an advertised drain clearer, they usually end up calling a plumber too. Blocks in drains can move further down the drain than a clearing chemical can reach, and can be a sign of another problem within the pipes. Whether it’s due to buildup within the pipes, or a man-made clog such as hair or something flushed that shouldn’t have been flushed, drains are an important functioning component to the household.


Plumbers often have to go through many certifications, and many experienced plumbers have honestly seen it all. The above are some of the most common matters they run into when servicing residential areas.